Robert Neilsen, Michael Neilsen, Lynelle Neilsen, Wendy Neilsen with Michael Doulton (centre) July 2010

Roundabout Antiques is proudly owned and operated by the Neilsen family, parents Michael and Wendy, and their son Robert. The business is an extension of our families enduring commitment as Professional Antique and Collectables dealers, with a long history commencing in 1983. We have a wealth of experience in our chosen fields and pride ourselves on our integrity, our fair dealings, our long history in the antiques trade and our professionalism. Our in depth knowledge in our chosen field has been previously recognised professionally by our peers, in being chosen as Editor of the Alan Carters Price Guide to Antiques in Australia (Royal Doulton) and we have had numerus articles published in Antiques and Collectables publications.

We look forward to doing business with you.


To work with astute individuals, be they advanced or beginning collectors, to construct collections where overall quality, presentation and condition are of primary importance.


To be globally recognised as the chosen source for premium collectables for astute and discerning collectors.


Our family's enduring committment to premium quality collectables has unanimously shown us over decades, that the price of objects, in the long run, is secondary to authenticity, condition, quality and desirability. We are abhorred by misdescription, repairs, items of dubious quality (or copies), which seemingly have become commonplace in recent years.


  • Every item on this site is guaranteed as to condition and authenticity 100% as described, delivering the buyer the utmost confidence in every purchase made with us. We will endeavour to meet or exceed your expectations for customer service – as we are a family owned and dedicated business committed to a perfect outcome on each and every transaction.


  • Licenced Dealers in Secondhand Wares (Qld) since 1983

  • Accredited Dealers in contemporary Royal Doulton 

  • Accredited Retailers of Contemporary Moorcroft Pottery
    We have hosted the following major collector events:
    2012 Moorcroft Tribute to Terra Australis Retailer (hosted Eric Knowles)
    2014 Moorcroft Great Barrier Reef visit (hosted Vicky Lovatt)
    2015 Moorcroft Great Southern Land Retailer (hosted Vicky Lovatt and Peter Harrison)
    2016 Moorcroft Emma Bossons "Designs from the Firmament" 20 year anniversary collection tour
    2017 Moorcroft Icons of Australia Tour (hosting Hugh and Maureen Edwards)

  • Prior Contributors to Charlton Price Guides
  • Past Editors of Alan Carters Price Guides to Antiques in Australia (Royal Doulton)
    Past Editors of the new Alan Carters Antiques and Collectables Guide for Australia (Royal Doulton)
    Past Contributing Authors for Antiques and Collectables for Pleasure and Profit magazine