We refund any Postage overcharge

We refund any Postage overcharge

Calculating shipping charges is a bit of an inexact science at the best of times, as we never know how something will "pack" until its done.

With Australia Post charges changing today and the volumetric rate of charge changing (postage is by weight or volumetric weight - whichever is greater), many of the shipping rates have actually moderated a little (particularly to distant customers in West Australia and South Australia). Changing our website shipping calculator will take time until we get used to the new charge system actually works (and it is a huge job to apply this to all items on the website).

As always our primary focus is getting your Valuable item to you in perfect condition - and we never compromise the integrity of our packing to save on shipping.

That being said - if our website calculator overcharges - we refund the excess following dispatch - GUARANTEED.

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  • Robert Neilsen