About Royal Worcester's Harry Stinton

About Royal Worcester's Harry Stinton

Harry Stinton (1883-1968) Harry was the son of John Jnr and nephew of James. Born in 1883, he suffered from many childhood illnesses that meant frequent hospital visits and long admissions.

In 1896, Harry began work at the Worcester factory and studied under his father. He learned to produce the same highland cattle scenes, although he guided his palette more to the purples and autumnal tints to differentiate them from his fathers work.

He appears to have benefited from the experience, as he grew into an imposing figure that many people likened to his father and to the Highland cattle that they both painted.

A great exhibitor Harry won several medals from the National Art School and went on to become a greatly respected water-colourist.

He won several awards for his pictures; which covered many pastoral scenes of sheep, gamebirds and plain landscapes as well as his highland cattle scenes. Harry Stinton is regarded as one of the finest artists of the twentieth century. Harry retired in 1963 after 67 years at the Royal Worcester factory and he died in 1968.

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