Modern Moorcroft Impressed Marks | Year Cyphers

Modern Moorcroft Impressed Marks | Year Cyphers
Moorcroft Pottery England has been producing pottery since 1913.

William Moorcroft Pottery was produced between 1913 and 1945 (when William passed). Walter Moorcroft Pottery was produced between 1945 and 1986. Both William and Walters signatures (they are both WM after all!) can be easily confused by inexperienced (and advanced) collectors.

If you are interested in learning about William and Walter Moorcroft, signatures, marks and base stamps this book is essential reading:

Moorcroft 1897 - 1993 New Edition | Paul Atterbury - see it here

Modern Moorcroft year cyphers
The Moorcroft Pottery works introduced small, impressed year cyphers into the base of their pottery in 1990 and as a result, collectors can use these symbols to identify the year each piece of Moorcroft pottery was made.

Copyright marks merely state the date when the design was first used.

1990  Arrow

1991  Bell

1992 Candlestick

1993 Diamond

1994 Eye

1995 Flag

1996 Gate

1997 HC monogram for the centenary year

1998 Iron

1999 Jug

2000 Key with a double ‘M’ for the teeth

2001 Leaf

2002 Mushroom

2003 Nib

2004 Octagon

2005 Pineapple

2006 Question Mark replaced with ‘Q’

2007 Racquet

2008 Strawberry

2009 Teapot

2010 Umbrella

2011 Vase

2012 Windmill

2013 Xylophone

2014 Yacht

2015 Z

2016 Anchor

2017 Butterfly

2018 Cat

2019 Dice

2020 Elephant

2021 Fish

2022 Grapes

2023 Harp

2024 Igloo

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