Modern Moorcroft Pottery History | Artists Names & Design Studio

Modern Moorcroft Pottery History | Artists Names & Design Studio

Following a change in factory ownership, it was in 1986 that Sally Tuffin took over design at W Moorcroft Ltd, the first non Moorcroft family designer to ever see her work appear on the revered Art Pottery.  Aided by Phillip Richardson, she introduced animals, birds and geometric patterns into the vision of Moorcroft art.

From 1993 until 1997, design at Moorcroft was created solely by the skilled hands of ceramic graduate, Rachel Bishop.  Rachel continued to enhance the International reputation of Moorcroft, building strongly on the work of her predecessors.  In 1997, the Moorcroft Design Studio was formed which rapidly added strength to the Moorcroft name as a result of their broadly-based design ideas and artistic vision.

Today, the Moorcroft Design Studio comprises five world-class ceramic designers who have moved design forward to the centre of the international stage in the theatre of the applied arts. Many hundreds of designs have been created and developed since their arrival, adding a powerful impetus to the evolution of design at Moorcroft.

Moorcroft Pottery is still loyal to its founder, and is still made in England at W Moorcroft Ltd, Sandbach Road, Burslem, Stoke on Trent, England.

Some of these pieces of Art in Pottery take the form of Limited Edition, Numbered Edition, Prestige or General Giftware. There are even country specific exclusives – including revered and highly collectable Australian or New Zealand Exclusive designs.

Moorcroft Designers include (apologies if we have missed one):

Sally Tuffin
Rachel Bishop FSRA
Shirley Hayes
Angela Davenport
Nicola Slaney
Emma Bossons
Beverley Wilkes
Philip Gibson
Trevor Critchlow
Vicky Lovatt
Alicia Amison
Paul Hilditch
Helen Dale

If you are interested in learning about the development of modern Moorcroft, Artist signatures, year cyphers, impressed marks and understanding base stamps - these books currently in stock are essential reading for the Moorcroft Collector and Connoiseur:

Moorcroft 1897 - 1993 New Edition | Paul Atterbury - see it here

Moorcroft | A New Dawn | Fraser Street - see it here 

Moorcroft | The Pheonix Years | Fraser Street - see it here

Moorcroft | The Winds of Change | Fraser Street - see it here

Roundabout Antiques, is an Accredited Moorcroft Retailer of new and contemporary Moorcroft Pottery including Limited and Numbered Editions, Prestige, General Giftware, Exclusive Trial pieces and Australian and New Zealand Exclusive designs. We regularly host Moorcroft National tours with company representatives and artists for collectors to attend.

Collectors can shop in confidence at Roundabout Antiques, in that each piece of contemporary Moorcroft we sell is a first quality item, guaranteed free from damage and repair and comes complete with Moorcroft original factory boxing. We safely and securely ship to all states of Australia and throughout the world.

Roundabout Antiques is also unique in that we have a very large selection (some say Australia’s largest) of both old antique Moorcroft Pottery by William and Walter Moorcroft, together with long discontinued modern Moorcroft that we have sourced from collectors.

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