Christmas 2023 | Parcel Delivery Times

Christmas 2023 | Parcel Delivery Times
It is worth noting that this year, Christmas Day falls on a Monday - and will be here before we know it!

This means that the couple days before Christmas are a weekend.

This is quite important for online orders and delivery times. It has a flow on effect - parcels need to be delivered to you by Friday 22nd December for them to be in your hands before Christmas, there may be weekend priority deliveries by Australia Post in some areas - but this isn't a "given" for everyone.

Realistically, for our Australian customers, this means your Christmas orders via our website need to be placed no later than about 14th December - to allow some time for delivery during this peak time - when things can happen and be delayed and mis-sorted when Australia Post is at 100%+ capacity!!

For our International customers - we would strongly recommend that you place your orders no later than 1st December 2023 - to avoid Christmas delivery disappointment!

We know Christmas is some time away - but with history as a guide will be here sooner than we think! It is worth noting it now in the memory bank - and to act sooner, rather than later, to avoid disappointment

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  • Robert Neilsen