Australian Pre Decimal banknotes have been a superb performer over our many decades in the Antiques and Collectables industry. 

Senior Proprietor of Roundabout Antiques, Michael Neilsen has experience in Australian Pre Decimal Banknotes dating back to his time as a Bank Teller working in the Pre Decimal/Decimal changeover period (and sorting many, many notes with his late father - a banknote collector during that period). His experience in buying, selling and grading Australian Banknotes spans decades as a Dealer, and Auctioneer. In fact his late father, was one of the Sunshine Coast's first Dealers in Australian Coins and Banknotes.

We have a committment to originality and quality in the Banknotes we offer. The Banknotes we offer for sale are original notes as found - they have not been cleaned, washed, trimmed or repaired. Buy our Banknotes in confidence - our stock is original as found and we are committed to conservative grading of the pieces we offer.

Australian Banknotes

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