Moorcroft Vanguard vase (Ltd Ed 30 only)

Moorcroft Vanguard vase (Ltd Ed 30 only) - Spirit of Australia Collection

Moorcroft Vanguard vase (Ltd Ed 30 only)

$885.00 AUD

Moorcroft Vanguard vase (Ltd Ed)
Shape 365/12
Limited Edition of 30

Approximately 30.5 centimeters or 12 inches tall
Designer: Nicola Slaney

From the 2018 Australian Exclusive "Spirit of Australia" collection
With Australian Exclusive backstamp 


The Common Heath flower is native to south east Australia, found growing in heathland, shrubland and even open forest.  The red, pink or white tube-like flowers appear from late autumn to early spring.  For Moorcroft, they have been placed on a tall, elegant vase specifically chosen by Nicola for her task.  In 1951, a meeting of government representatives agreed that the pink form of the flower should become the floral emblem for the state of Victoria.  Indeed, Victoria was the first state to choose a floral emblem.  Soon afterwards, all other states followed suit.

NB: can be ordered immediately (subject to Limited Edition availability) BUT not available for delivery prior to 17th November 2018