Australian Pre Decimal Bank Notes include Ten Shillings [Half Sovereign] | One Pound | Five Pounds | Ten Pounds | Twenty Pounds | Fifty Pounds and One Hundred Pounds

The Australian pre-decimal era refers to the period between 1901 and 1965, however for the purposes of Australian currency effectively relate to banknotes printed between 1910 and 1966 (between Federation and decimilisation).

Prior to this, Australian coins and notes were a collection of currencies from around the world, however by this point were primarily British. Most circulating banknotes in Australia prior to federation were in the form of promisory notes, issued by local and regional banks, promising to pay the bearer the notes value in sterling upon demand. 

On 14 February 1966 the Australian pound was replaced by a decimal currency, the Australian dollar, which was divided into one hundred cents.

Australian Pre Decimal Coins | Bank Notes

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