Crown Devon Pottery started its life as S. Fielding & Co, which is why the collector may find a variety of back stamps and markings spanning the years. Simon Fielding took over the Railway Works in Stoke-on-Trent in 1878 and started making pottery. Early pottery such as the Fielding ‘Majolica’ established the  S. Fielding & Co marketplace position

From 1921, the Crown Devon name was introduced, and the Railway Works was renamed the Devon Pottery.

One of the most distinctive things about Crown Devon pottery is how it was able to produce at a lower cost than its competitors at the time, being more competitively priced led to lots of rivalry, but also competition, as there was now a British manufacturer that could compete with imported products.

As Art Deco became more popular, Crown Devon responded and created new ranges and finishes to meet demand, the ‘Mattajade’ range being one of the most popular and recognisable. Amongst the most recognizable  is the work that Crown Devon did to establish the lustre ware products.

Whilst the Crown Devon factory closed its doors in 1982, the wonderful figurines, finely decorated lustrewares and Musical tankards are still very much sought after and collected today.

Crown Devon Fieldings England

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