Beatrix Potter figurines are what we call an "inter generational" collectable - numerous times we have met with collectors of the figures who can recount how they were introduced to the Beatrix Potter stories by their grandparents (or parents), and in turn they are sharing the stories with their own children (or grandchildren) - which has led to building a family collection.

The first Beatrix Potter pieces were made by the iconic Beswick factory in the late 1940's - and production of the figures continued at Beswick and in turn, Royal Albert for many decades. Beswick and Royal Albert Beatrix Potter are no longer in production, and have become very desirable collectable items.

It is interesting to note that it was Beatrix Potter herself who first sought to have her creations lifted off the printed page and into other marketable products. Around about 1907 she modelled some clay figures and contacted Royal Doulton’s Lambeth factory. 

Beatrix Potter

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