A Royal Doulton figurine collection may begin at a variety of sources, a chance gift, a souvenier picked up on holiday, or an appreciation of Royal Doulton craftsmanship can initiate a lifetime of extremely satisfying collecting.

While the earliest Doulton figurines occur as Lambeth stoneware or Vellum figures - the earliest of the HN series figures date from the early 1910s  and production continues to this day.

Each figure is allocated a unique HN identifier, the HN is in honour of Harry Nixon, the one time head of the Royal Doulton Art Department. The passage of time has seen many modellers turn their hand to this range - including Charles Vyse, Pheobe Stabler, CJ Noke, W White, EW Light, H Tittensor, Leslie Harradine, Peggy Davies, Tim Potts, Alan Maslankowski and the list goes on ....

Royal Doulton figurines production continues, and numbers exceed HN5700 ....

Royal Doulton Figurines

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