After a period of study at the National Art Training School (later known as the Royal College of Art) in 1897 William Moorcroft obtained his Art Masters certificate, which would have enabled him to earn a living by teaching - but he had his heart set on a career as a potter.

The opportunity to realise this ambition arose in commencing employment with James MacIntyre and Co, Burslem - where he continued until 1913, when the company W Moorcroft Ltd was formed with William producing his wares under his own name (and the company continues producing pottery to this day).

William Moorcroft developed a formidable reputation as a designer with his work featured in high-end china stores worldwide including Liberty & Co and Tiffany’s. Decades after, his designs continue to captivate collectors hearts and minds worldwide.

For more information about William Moorcroft Potter to the Queen via Royal Warrant, Born Burslem, Stoke on Trent (1872 - 1945) see the blog article here

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William Moorcroft (1897 - 1945)

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