Miles Mason began his career in 1796 as a china importer in London, England - within his (late) father in law, Richard Farrar's business. Through his work as a china importer, Mason amassed considerable wealth.

Using his acquired wealth as startup capital, he opened a pottery factory at Lane Delph, Fenton. In 1806, Mason’s factory officially opened and became known as the Minerva Works. Miles Mason solicited his three sons to manage his Fenton factory. As the Minerva Works was controlled by the Mason family, the factory soon became known as “Masons.”

Miles Mason’s earliest productions were simply marked with the backstamp “M Mason” and were heavily influenced by the Oriental porcelain that he imported to London in 1796 - this Oriental influence continues through much Masons collectors will see, from many era's.

Masons Ironstone Porcelain

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