The Royal Crown Derby Porcelain Company is either the oldest or second oldest remaining English porcelain manufacturer, based in Derby, England (a point of contention between them and Royal Worcester, who claim 1751 as their year of establishment).

The Royal Crown Derby company, particularly known for its high-quality bone china, having produced tableware and ornamental items since approximately 1750. It was known as 'Derby Porcelain' until 1773, when it became 'Crown Derby', the 'Royal' being added in 1890.

The factory closed down in the past under Royal Doulton ownership, but production was revived under the renewed ownership of Hugh Gibson and Pearson family.

The Old Imari and Old Imari Solid Gold Band patterns are synonymous with Royal Crown Derby and have become recognisable worldwide and are some of the most collected. Many collectors worldwide seek out the Imari decorated Royal Crown Derby paperweights in numerous forms.

Some of the most superb handpainted Antique Crown Derby pieces are by George Jessop, Desire Leroy and Albert Gregory. Pieces by these artists are amongst some of the best you can ever hope to see on porcelain.

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