The Royal Worcester factory, from around the turn of the 20th century, until just prior to World War II, did something that will never be repeated again. The company amassed the finest ceramic artists, and put them to work hand painting their outstanding fine quality ceramics.

Be it Fallen Fruit by Richard Sebright, Townsend and others, to Highland Cattle by the Stintons, Highland Sheep by Harry Davis, Autumnal Blackberries by Kitty Blake, and Flying Swans by Charles Baldwyn - it reads like a "dream team", and in fact it was. This group of porcelain painters could paint almost any subject, only limited by imagination - be it Stags and Deers, Polar Bears, Still Life Roses, Cottage Houses, Italian Lakesides - to the highest standard. They were accompanied by the Masterful George Owen, producing reticulated wares - and superb gilders, who complimented and finished their decoration. Such was the quality of the finishing - many of the gilders could now be seen as artists, in their own right.

Collectively, this group of artisans lived for their work - and now their work lives on as the finest examples of hand painted porcelain, seriously collected worldwide.

Royal Worcester also modelled Blush ware, animal figures and figurines and many tea ware and dinner ware patterns all seen in this category - use the filters at the left to narrow down your selections.

Royal Worcester

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