Roundabout Antiques is quite unique in that not only are we Accredited Moorcroft retailers of contemporary pieces, and extensive stockists of older William and Walter pieces, but due to our relationship with many long time collectors, we have an extensive range of older modern Prestige, Limited and Numbered Edition contemporary pieces that are long since discontinued (made since 1986 - but now no longer in production).

In this section of our Moorcroft Online Shop you will find many well out of production, rare gems of Moorcroft design consigned to history.

Many of the pieces on these pages are exceptional design and hard to find in the marketplace. Some will have original boxes, some won't (as that depends on the previous owners).

Using the filters on the left hand side Navigation, you can also choose by your choice of Moorcroft designer, or whether you want to see only Limited Editions, Numbered Editions or Prestige designs

Moorcroft Discontinued Modern

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