Lay Buys and Payment Plan Options

Lay Buys and Payment Plan Options

If you see an item on our website you cannot live without (but the budget would prefer a term payment plan) – we have two Lay Buy (Lay Away) solutions. As collectors ourselves, we know the pain of “missing” out on the item you “just had to have” (because the Minister for Finance said NO).

You can simply call us
(This probably suits our Australian customers best). Please call us on 07 46154537 or 0417 7104105 and we will discuss the payment terms you need. We will take your credit card details over the phone and we will process the Lay Buy payments on a regular basis. There are no fees if we process the Lay Buy purchase over the phone. Your item will be sent to you on completion of your Lay Buy. Longer periods and different payment schedules can be negotiated with us over the phone, depending on value of your selected item(s) - what are you waiting for?

LayBuys "Put it on LayBuy"
As a service to our customers at checkout, there is an automated online LayBuy option (which will probably suit our overseas based or time poor customers most). The Lay-Buys "Put it on LayBuy" payment option (with payment securely through PayPal) will require a 20% deposit and balance paid within 4 months (with a monthly debit) - and there is a 1.9% surcharge for the Lay-Buys partner software company for producing the software and payment solution. Again, your purchase is sent to you when the item is paid for in full.

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  • Robert Neilsen