Inspecting through the Prism

Inspecting through the Prism
We inspect each and every item that we offer on our website with what we call the Roundabout Antiques “prism” – the “prism” is constructed with in depth knowledge and skills developed over some 30+ years continuous, professional trading in antiques and collectables – handling an enormously diverse selection of collectable items totalling many, many millions dollars in value. 

We use this “prism” in turn to only source QUALITY (we sort the wheat from the chaff - for you) and we then use the prism to describe these items correctly, factually and honestly. 

We have an unwavering commitment to authenticity, accuracy and quality. We guarantee the authenticity of our items.
We guarantee our items to be as described.

We have been around a long time, and will be around “long enough” to honour our guarantee of authenticity, quality and condition.

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  • Robert Neilsen