The All Important Packing Process

The All Important Packing Process

Details of the packing process for every one of our dispatches.

Rare Ruby Jug

 An extremely rare (one of only three known examples to exist worldwide) c. 1886 Ruby and Opalescent "canework" glass jug by Phoenix Glass Co. PA USA

Packaging Process

Packing in bubble wrap and taping for support.

Packing Process

Further packing in bubble wrap and more taping for support.

More bubble wrap, then taped for support and into a cardboard box.

The box is then taped heavily for support.

The box is then packed in more bubble wrap.

On this occasion the first box was packed into another styrofoam box to protect the fragile glass due to climatic change from Australia (very hot Summer) to California (much cooler Winter).

More bubble wrap for packing and insulation between the boxes.

Packing complete.

Taped and marked FRAGILE.

Addressed (address removed for this image in the interests of client confidentiality) and ready for dispatch.

Item was sent EMS International Couriers (a division of AUSTRALIA POST) and received in California within 5 days. Of course each item is packed slightly differently to this item, as each item is slightly different but you have the idea of the packing methods and skill we have in this area.

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  • Robert Neilsen