Walter Moorcroft | Leadership at Moorcroft Pottery | 1945 - 1987

Walter Moorcroft | Leadership at Moorcroft Pottery | 1945 - 1987
Walter Moorcroft, son of William Moorcroft, was born in Trentham, a village in Staffordshire on 12th February 1917, when the outcome of the First World War was still in the balance.

After his education, leaving Rugby School at 18, he began work at the W Moorcroft Ltd factory on Monday 30th September 1935. He had no specific duties but was expected to observe the general process of production, for which he received no pay but "lived well" and kept an exhaustive diary.

On 3rd September 1939 Neville Chamberlain declared that Great Britain was at war with Germany and Walter enlisted and progressed to Intelligence work in Europe, with an interest in interrogation.

In Autumn 1945 Walter was a civilian once more, and on 19th September 1945 received a telegram that his father, William, had suffered a stroke and was dying. Walter journeyed to London via a freight aircraft and returned ready to take control of the factory on Monday 1st October 1945. Although his father William Moorcroft was unable to speak, he was coherent. Walter reassured his father that all was well at the factory and that he had taken full control, which gave William Moorcroft great comfort.

William Moorcroft passed on 14th October 1945.

Walter was now managing director, works manager, personnel manager and art director at W Moorcroft Pottery, Sandbach Road, Burslem, United Kingdom. He had no official training in art or ceramic technology - and always felt that his father, William, mistrusted the influence of the local school of art and technical college - but 7 years experience in all Moorcroft Pottery facets of business, prior to his "call up" had given him good working knowledge of general Moorcroft Pottery procedure.

As his father William Moorcroft had before him, Walter Moorcroft became a highly respected art potter whose tenacious commitment to the factory secured its survival. For over 40 years, while other small potteries were forced into closure or takeover, Walter kept the Pottery going, enjoying its triumphs and successes, surviving the hard times, and in the 1980's and 1990s - witnessing a revival of Moorcroft's popularity and fortunes.

Some of the more famous Walter Moorcroft work was in the development and advancement of technique of production of the closely guarded William Moorcroft "secret" Flambe glaze - and some of Walter's more recognised and collectable patterns are Flambe, Orchid, Hedgevine, Clematis, Tiger Lily, Hibiscus, Bouganvillea, African Lily, Caribbean, Wild Arum and Magnolia.

You can read more about the wonderful William Moorcroft | Walter Moorcroft father | son dynasty in the book Walter Moorcroft | Memories of Life and Living | Richard Dennis

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