About the Hennell Silversmith family dynasty

About the Hennell Silversmith family dynasty

There are a few names in Antique Silver that are extremely well known, the Batemans being one (together with Hester being a pioneer lady silversmith), and perhaps the Hennells is another

The firm Hennell Ltd is a long-lasting family business of silversmiths founded in 1725 by David Hennell (1712-1785). His son Robert Hennell I (1741-1811) joined the company in partnership in 1763 and became sole owner of the business after his father’s retirement. He was soon joined by his son Samuel Hennell (1778-1837) and his nephew Robert Hennell II.

After his apprenticeship with his uncle and the engraver John Houle he gained his freedom in 1785 and started working mainly as an engraver. In 1808 he entered his first mark on his own, becoming soon one of the most prolific silversmiths of the Regency period. The firm - based from 1817 at 3 Lancaster Court, Strand - specialised in domestic silver, salts, cruets, tea and coffee sets often delicately engraved or finely pierced.

After Robert’s retirement in 1833 his sons took over the business.

The firm is still running in London Bond Street with the name Frazer & Haws and Hennells.

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